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HOMETOWN: Somerville, MA  


I have been a Zumba® instructor since 2015! I am the oldest of 4 boys and my mom usually is tagging along with me to anything Zumba® related as I got her the present to be a Zumba® instructor as well. I grew up in the Somerville/Cambridge area with a passion for dance. Growing up multiracial, I have been exposed to various genres of music and naturally was moved by all types of rhythms. Professionally, I work in the helping profession to support people in achieving goals and keeping a good mental health status.


LETS GET LOUD! I love to hear some noise as I usually am FULL of energy! Those who know me do not know where it comes from and why my energy is always present! Let's have fun and make classes a PARTY, its all about having fun as you get your sweat on!

IN MY FREE TIME: I like to think about having more free time! HaHa but I do enjoy spending time with friends and family and a HUGE Patriots fan!! GO PATS!  

FAVORITE SONG ON REPLAY: It changes so much ! I never could answer this question all my life, I enjoy all forms of music so I never can pick one song. Ask me for songs you may like when you come to class with me!